Bert A. Reitsma, MSEE
IT Engineer

Telephone: 206-256-9699




1700 Continental Place

Mount Vernon, Washington 98273.

Curriculum Vitae

Current as of 2014



Sr. Manager / Director – Professional Services / IT Operations (internal & external), Project and Product Management (Agile and Waterfall), and Sales and Presales Support - with over 20 years of Enterprise expertise on multiple platforms and environments (SaaS, Hybrid and On-Premise), advanced systems architecture (network, software and hardware), advanced security (InfoSec), and over 10+ years specializing in C-Level Advisory Management and Account Executive Management (C-level interface to Project Development), Spend Management, CRM/SRM/BPM and engineering design specialization.


I have also functioned as a Senior Systems Architect whose responsibilities include directly leading multiple implementations and integration operations teams as large as 80+, and staff of more than 150 individual contributors (Functional and Technical); with or without direct reports (Senior Managers and Managers), as well as cross-functional teams, and small groups (and include working as an Individual Contributor when needed).


I have broad experience determining and documenting new business requirements (IT-spec, ERP-spec, or MRD/PRD when product-based), managing Operations (including a full NOC (2500+ server-base) and Corporate Cloud Operations (IaaS/PaaS for rapid product development expansion in the SaaS arena for Ariba/Polivec/Sony) and Multiple Engineering Teams for application development.


Business Leadership (Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, Oracle, Ariba, iMany and more)

  • Specialized in Marketing (all aspects), Contract Management, Project Management and Enterprise-level ERP applications, my experience with multiple major large projects as both Account Executive and Project Manager, combined with my knowledge of Enterprise-class application deployment and Information Security provide ALL of the components needed for organizational success. My Engineering knowledge and management maturity create a solid foundation for individual project success. I have worked integrating and deploying advanced software solutions (including SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Coupa, Zycus, iMany,and more…)


  • My Executive and Business Management, Contract Management and Integration experience with Ariba, SAP, Coupa and Zycus (at many Fortune-500) and iMany and Upside (for Pharma and Biotech – at clients including Cardinal Health, CVS Pharmacies and Time-Warner) provide me a strong base for cross-system integration either directly or via virtual data marts or systems.  My experience with major Enterprise conversions such as Ariba’s addition of both SaaS and BTF platforms, and Polivec’s conversion from GRC (behind the firewall) to Global SaaS Services covering multiple sectors provides me a great advantage in understanding the needs supporting today’s successful corporate strategies.


Technology Leader with solid combination of business and technical acumen, business development and strategic alliance experience, and strong industry ties through participation in IEEE Standards activities.




  • MSEE, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

  • BSEE, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA


Management Experience

Spend Management Services / EAS, NTT DATA, Inc.

NTT DATA, Inc. is the sixth largest IT Services Firm Worldwide – recently combining Keane, Dimension Data, Intelligroup, Revere, MISI, and more under “One NTT Data”.

(May 2011 – Present)(While maintaining Blank Law & Technology relationship)


As the Sr. Architect/Practice Lead, Spend Management /  Enterprise Application Services, my responsibilities include:


  • IT Operations and Architecture related to the development and deployment of ERP (Primarily ECC) SRM/SCM/MM solutions on both internal and cloud-based (SaaS) infrastructures primarily in the Supply-Chain and eProcurement space.

  • Internal tools development and deployment (for the Practice).

  • Providing Application and PM Training to our Professional Services Organization – as an SAP/Ariba Certified PM Trainer and Solutions Architect.

  • Sales Development / Enablement – working across all NTT Data SBU’s on:

    •  Presales (both training and solutioning – including all presentation and training material development),

    • Solution Development (requirements gathering, solution development and proposal generation), direct Client Presentation/Solution Strategy (in collaboration with Sales),

    • SOW generation and proposal submission

    • SFDC Opportunity tracking with sales teams (across all SBUs)

    • PS Partner Relations Management (SAP/Ariba/Coupa/etc…)

    • Resource Management (across the practice in US/Canada/India), and Solution Delivery - coordinating with US (onshore), Nova Scotia (nearshore), and India (Bangalor/Chennai – offshore) teams.

  • Solution Delivery and Project Management – Providing client-facing project management and technical consulting as an eProcurement/IT SME across various solutions including Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, Zycus, etc. integrating to multiple ERP (ECC or other).

  • Managing all project activity:

    • C-level and stakeholder reporting

    • Weekly team activity and reporting

    • Agile PM on multiple projects (usually 2w sprints) as Product Owner or Scrum Master (depending on development) across multiple projects.

    • Cross-functional training (including business)

    • Systems Test (including development, capacity/load, and complete UAT management from script generation to specialized user training)

    • Requirements Development of the Functional / Technical specifications and other client deliverables.

    • Change Management (including business process changes, go-live management and end-user training)


In addition I am responsible for both existing and emerging applications primarily in the Enterprise ERP space (e.g. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft (Oracle), Cognos  (IBM), and various other ERP) along with emerging and support applications in the Spend Management Space such as Ariba, Emptoris, Cognos; and other middleware such as Tibco, DataStage, etc.  I am also responsible for Professional Services around the supporting IT environment including InfoSec, Disaster Recovery, and GRC., and input for annual budgetary planning and operations.


Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

Senior Systems Architect

SPE is a major Entertainment Industry firm located in Culver City (Los Angeles), where I was working as the Senior Systems Architect, Enterprise Applications.

(March 2010 – May 2011) (While maintaining BLT Relationship)


My responsibility at SPE was for Sony’s Global Enterprise Application Architecture, with an emphasis on SAP ECC systems for all operations including Procurement, Human Resources (People + Organizations), Operations, Production, and more. 


Our major activity was centered around updating a number of ERP support systems, primarily for P+O and Operations. I worked directly for the CIO, SAP and Enterprise Global Technical Engineering Support. Responsibilities included infrastructure planning (e.g. remote data center and networking requirements) for internal and IaaS deployed developments (primarily utilizing AWS as the IaaS solution for internal rapid-release requirements).


CTO / Senior Technologist  to CEO at Polivec, Inc.

SaaS Firm Specializing in Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Software and Processes.

(July 2008 – March 2010) (With BLT Relationship)

My responsibility at Polivec was to advise the CEO and VP of Marketing on the conversion of Polivec’s successful GRC Solution (then a behind-the-firewall solution) which greatly simplified Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes by providing centralized management of policies and compliance initiatives, awareness tracking, and activity management to a SaaS Solution that provided extended capabilities, including the addition of areas such as CBP/C-TPAT, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST, and more. Agile-based Product Management as Product Owner for Polivec’s cross-channel development activities and conversion of the GRC solution.

The Polivec solution could be applied to any variety of policies across all industries; and even tied them all together so you could easily see how changes in one area affected another. Implementation was as simple as a single department or regulation and as broad as an entire enterprise. Polivec was especially active in the Insurance (for Policy, GRC, SOX, HIPAA, Social Responsibility, etc.), Finance (SOX, SEC, GRC), and Supply-Chain (CBP/C-TPAT, Social Responsibility) sectors.


The ShelbyGroup, LLC – Sr. Technical Director  

Boutique Consulting Firm Specializing in Enterprise Spend Management, eProcurement, and eSourcing space.

(April 2007 – June 2008) (With BLT Relationship)


My responsibilities included working as an Account Executive with C-level and IT personnel to assist with Enterprise Spend Management Implementation, Purchasing Best Practices, Business Process Development, Change Management, Software Integration, ETL, and Advanced Architecture for both Hardware and Software. I joined Shelby during an anticipated expansion phase; however the company has changed its current direction.


Major Enterprise clients include CVS/Caremark Pharmacies, Bank of America, Washington Mutual Bank, Time Warner, ABN Amro (LaSalle Bank), Keyspan Energy, Idaho Power, Disney, Dell, Novelis Corporation, PPG, General Dynamics, CSC Corporation, and more.  Specific project experience available on request.


Ariba, Inc. – Director, Ariba Technical Solution Centers  

Major Enterprise software firm in the Spend Management, eProcurement, esourcing space.

(January 2004 – March 2007) (With BLT Relationship)


As Director of Ariba’s Technology Solution Centers I managed approximately 60~80 Managers and Consultants including offshore resources.  In addition, I acted as the Delivery Manager and PS Architect for specific high-value clients such as Amex, Chevron, General Dynamics (CDC), HP, Cisco, Disney, Dell, Novelis, etc.  In addition I am responsible for the operating budget including TSC and PS operations exceeding $48M annually. My other responsibilities included:


  • IT Operations and Architecture (Please review Technical Experience below.)

  • Providing Project Management Training to our Professional Services Organization – I am an Ariba Certified PM Trainer and System Architect

  • Advanced IT Architecture and Operations Management (TSC operations for major Fortune 500 hosted environments on Ariba SaaS implementations with extremely high performance requirements due to data volumes) with transactional feeds from SAP, PS, Oracle, and other ERP, as well as PaaS/IaaS requirements for Ariba internally deployed developments for rapid expansion into new SaaS markets utilizing Ariba’s multi-tenanted solution transitioning data center growth into new markets.

  • Specialized ETL support (trained on Ascential DataStage – IBM WebSphere Series) and high-capacity data transfer for real-time analytics processing.

  • Responsible for advanced data-modeling (star-schema) and system architecture utilizing high capacity hardware (i.e.: database and storage tuning) to achieve heavy data volumes and real-time throughput within a virtual machine environment.

  • Knowledgeable in all aspects of IT and SI, including Architecture (Network, Hardware (Server) and Software (Application and Middleware), Network, Performance, Security, Installation, Design, Build, and Implementation, most recently on Ariba platform, specializing in Upstream (AA, AES, ACM, ACW, etc.) including full systems integration, Multi-ERP loading for Analytics, Specialized Sourcing modification for AA data pulls (not supported within the current CDS structure) with some downstream (Buyer, ACC, Invoice, Procure to Pay, ASN, etc.) experience, including catalog management, supplier enablement, field releases, systems integration (SAP, Oracle Financials, etc.), VMware – Virtual Servers, Blade Servers, Network Storage (SAN, etc…), VPN, SSL. All InfoSec and Authentication subsystems – Complete Data Center (NOC) Infrastructure and network architecture.


Prior to my responsibilities in the Technology Solution Centers, I was a Sr. Manager,  Ariba Analysis Team, for 1.5 years and built a successful business for Ariba around Spend Analytics (especially around SRM and Contract Management / Compliance) and beyond SV (ADE), in data warehousing and data mining within the capabilities of the core application.


  • Trained and mentored a diverse team of 6 people into a highly successful implementation team.

  • Awarded Ariba’s highest honor of “MVP Consultant for 2005” (there is only one per year) for field work including critical account services for General Dynamics, ABN Amro, Disney, and PPG.


Because of my extensive experience, I also acted as Account Executive, Project Manager, Functional Consultant, Technical Lead, and Software Developer – covering the entire spectrum of project resource needs on an as-needed basis.


Blank Law & Technology P.S. – Executive Director / Business Consulting  

Information Technology and Security law firm specializing in eCommerce, Contract Management & Compliance, Privacy, InfoSec, eCRM, and EDI. 

(April 2003 – Present; I have maintained a relationship continuously)


  • Developing advanced (Enterprise-level) regulatory compliance solution with Phoenix Technologies for securities industry (NASD/SEC) corporate communications management and litigation support operations. This system utilizes Phoenix’s Core Managed Environment at the system-level to securely store and redirect all corporate electronic data into a secure repository for government regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and more.

  • Provide security consulting to major clients, and have extensive experience with all facets of PKI, including trust architectures, repositories, digital signatures, and associated business integration issues. Security computing facility design and advanced security audit experience for many platforms and networks (including sites such as Peregrine, Tulalip Indian Reservation & Casino, BCE Emergis, and others). Programming and trust modeling experience with Enterprise-level PKI, deep firewall and IDS.

  • Provide advanced computer forensic investigation (EDI), security consulting, and Expert Witness testimony in major court cases across the U.S. (i.e.: major federal courts in Texas, Florida, Washington and more..) – case information is available on request.

  • Audit companies for service policy deployment, major software licensing (primarily for Microsoft products), and network security (see above).


Haptek, Inc. – Vice President, Marketing and Business Development   

Developer of advanced 3D graphical user-interface (avatar) technology for a wide variety of industries.

(January 2002 – March 2003)


  • Commercialized patented technology holdings and formulated standards opening new market channels.

  • Initiated patent-revenue program through exploitation of IP with industry competitors and third-party developers, creating new royalty-based revenue stream by taking advantage of company’s existing intellectual property holdings.

  • Developed advanced eCRM system with Cognos, integrating Cognos BI system with advanced knowledge-based AI environment from KnowledgeView, advanced BPM system from Fujitsu Software, and Haptek’s leading avatar technology to create a “seamless” customer support solution for the eCommerce sector.

  • Responsible for defining new product-offerings (MRD) and managing development teams from concept to launch.

  • Initiated multiple verticals into gaming, medical simulation, business training, eCRM, and other emerging markets.

  • Responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company, market planning, and business development.

  • Developed and controlled strategic relationships with third-party companies to recruit customers and additional business to the organization, including initiating, maintaining and researching opportunities to meet market and customer demands, and evaluating, negotiating, and managing business deals and alliances. Established and managed strategic partnerships with Intel, Microsoft, Macromedia, DreamWorks, Disney, AOL, NASA, and more.

  • Defined corporate strategies, mission, objectives and product offerings to Corporate Partners and outside parties, including professional service and business partners, customers and vendors in the extended 3D market.


Riddell-Williams, P.S.  (Bureau1030, LLC)  - Director

Company combining Legal and Technical expertise for the B2B market.

(April 1999 – February 2002)


Defined and developed automated Legal Risk-Management and Technical Evaluation Product acquired by Lexis-Nexis.


Primarily used for M&A, this cutting-edge development has revolutionized risk management and analysis for online properties.

  • Recruited by law firm-owners Riddell-Williams to lead company’s technical development and marketing operations.

  • Managed and designed advanced, web-based system for M&A and Insurance market that allowed companies to evaluate, analyze, and manage risk for web-based properties. This system incorporated a specialized, relational user-interface that adapted to the specific user requirements – as the product was designed to support multiple disciplines within an organization, from the CEO to the IT department. The product performed an exhaustive analysis on both technical and legal standards to assign weighted risk analysis for everything from basic legal liability to very advanced network security and system performance factors. It was adopted and then purchased by Lexis-Nexis.

  • Managed the Operating Budget, Payroll, and all Financials nwith an annual budget exceeding $1.4M

  • Delivered new technology, products and services. Rose private funding. Staffed start-up operations.

  • Provided technology consulting for law firm clients (from VC to corporate) for due diligence & concept analysis.

  • Performed as “Technology Expert / Witness” in numerous tech-sector litigation & business mergers.

  • Established and negotiated major deal with Lexis-Nexis for exclusive distribution rights and ownership interest.


Technical Experience

  • Programming: Fluent in Java using Eclipse as my primary IDE (and related utilities such as JavaBeans, Jakarta Struts, UML(Argo) Modeling, etc), JCreator,  C, C++, Perl, SQL, VB and PHP; I can pick-up new languages quickly. (I have written several database and accounting programs for the OS/2, Windows, Solaris, BSDI, and Linux platforms, and GUI applications in Java, MSVC++, and GTK++. Deep Unix experience on Linux and BSDI with a strong general Unix skill set.


  • Network/Security: Extranet implementations, digital certificates, PKI, encryptor (hardware/software), VPN implementations, Complete Network Architecture, Tiger-Team Ops – including Fortune-500 penetration testing using applications and tools (such as nCircle IP360, Airscanner, Tenable Nessus (2,3,4), QualysGuard, eEye Retina, SAINT v7 and more.) Sniffers and Loggers such as Ettercap, Ethereal, etc… (for Man-In-The-Middle attacks), Citrix Aps (including a Citrix Server Farm), Cisco Routers and Firewall Systems (most popular 800//7200/7300/12000 series), Major SAN solutions, VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server Solutions, and more.


  • Network Administration and Server Support Operations: All Microsoft (ie: Ms Server 2003/8, Exchange 2007, Sharepoint 2007, ActiveDirectory), All Cisco, UNIX (ALL/Linux/HP/UX, etc.), All Http(d) Servers (IIS, Apache, etc), Microsoft Server (including SBS, IIS, 2007/8, Vista, MS7, etc.), Weblogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, Sun ONE, most major httpd systems and SSO. All other daemon applications including DNS (bind9/MS), Httpd, Sendmail, FTPd, etc..). Authentication such as AD/LDAP, SSO etc.. All network protocols, TCP/IP, ISDN, FR, ATM, SNA, (all 802 standards), etc.


  • Cloud Operations – Including IaaS (primarily AWS / Azure) in rapidly growing development environments requiring flexible IT Infrastructure solutioning, PaaS (Apprenda) for development/hosting activity, and SaaS (internally developed client-facing solutions).


  • Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions), Unix (All Versions – i.e.: Solaris, BSDI, Linux, HP/UX, AIX, FreeBSD, SCO Unix).


  • ERP / Contract Management & Compliance / Spend Management: All data Analytics (such as Ariba and Zycus), Sourcing, Category Management, Contract Workbench (includes Contract Management & Complance, SRM, and transaction integration), Data Enrichment, Buyer, Contract Compliance, Invoice, ASN, Ariba SaaS (9r1/13sX), SAP (MM, SRM, CRM, all solutions – Client solutions integration of iMany – including all platform integration of Contract Analytics, Demand Management, Revenue Management, and Contract Management & Compliance), UpsideContract (including RFX, billing, and integration), and many other technology integration and Functional Requirements projects – which include Change Management and Policy Definition to amend integration functionality.


  • Database: Oracle (8i,9i,10g,11g/i…present), SQL Server and SQL-Analytics, T-SQL, PostGreSQL, Sybase, mySQL, DB2. (& utilities such as Toad etc….)


  • Application/HTTPd: WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, Jboss, IIS/MTS, Apache and Netscape. (IBM ETL (formerly Ascential Datastage).


  • Website Backend & Frontend Development/Languages/RDBMS/Tools: (CGI) Java, Perl, C++, Java/JSP/J2EE, Javascript, UNIX (shell), Microsoft Excel; PowerPoint; Project; Word; Works; Access; Visual Basic; Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP; Syquest, advanced MS-SQL Server database integration & development, Oracle 7,8,9,etc.; mySQL and various rdbms integration. (Data access technologies, such as JavaBeans, JDBC, etc.)


In addition to my experience listed above, I provide CLE training for attorneys on EDD and Computer Security, Disaster Recovery, and GRC - and have provided technology consulting for litigation as an Expert Witness in cases across the US. I am a technology advisor for the law firms Blank Law & Technology (formerly Blank & Associates PS); Riddell-Williams PS; and medical offices OnSiteDocs, LLC; Simagent, LLC; WebVenture Communications, Inc.; Bureau1030, LLC; and LifeChoice Medical, LLC.

I also am active in IEEE Standards Committees and Operations, including a member of the current Global SmartGrid Security Standards Committee, and involved in setting future standards for Network Security across the US.