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Eric P. Blank, Esq.

I am the founder and Managing Attorney of Blank Law & Technology P.S., an Information Security law firm based in Twisp, Washington.  (From 2001 through 2017, my firm had offices in Seattle and Mount Vernon, Washington.)  My practice has focused on addressing legal, procedural and discovery issues related to computers (including cell phones), software, databases, and private and public networks, including the Internet.  On behalf of corporations, governments and courts, I have acted as mediator, neutral, and Special Master on matters relating to computer forensics, electronic discovery, document and database management practices, network logistics and spend practices, and individual conduct relating to computers and computer networks.  I have counseled clients on protocols and best practices related to computers and electronic discovery.  To accommodate the technical demands of this work, I have for many years employed the most cutting-edge forensic tools and qualified personnel of the highest integrity.


I have testified as a fact and expert witness in state and federal courts, and before administrative hearing officers and arbitrators, on more than 250 occasions concerning computer and cell phone forensics, electronic evidence, document management, databases, and defensible (or indefensible) electronic discovery practices.  I have been admitted as an expert and special master on issues relating to discovery conduct, databases, computer and cell phone forensics, and the Internet.  My work is conducted in venues throughout the United States.

Beginning in July, 2020, my new matters are limited to cell phone forensics services, carrier records review, and related issues. 

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